Espada Primera XB


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Hitting – 4/5
The Espada Primera XB hits the ball something wicked. The 95% carbon build of this stick gives it awesome amounts of power when hitting on the forehand. The bow shape meant having to change technique ever so slightly to help keep the ball on the ground. Reverse hitting was also made a little difficult because of the bow but forcing yourself slightly lower helped to get a better connection and when it comes off it goes like a rocket.

Dribbling – 3.5/5
Not as much feel as I would’ve hoped for but that’s to be expected with a top end stick. Dribbling was still really nice don’t get me wrong but I found the ball bouncing of the stick a bit more than usual due to the stiffness. The low-bow shape helps to get around the ball quicker when performing left to rights and vice versa giving players the ability to be a little bit quicker when attempting to eliminate players on the dribble.

Pushing & Flicking – 4/5
The Primera XB is the lowest bow model in the range with a maximum 24mm bow at 200mm. This makes flicking absolute bliss. If you’re a striker you can pop a quick flick into the top corner from in front of goal and if you’re a defender you can launch an overhead to the opposition’s half. Pushing was good but not great, as always with a lower bow if you’re trying to push the ball from inside your frame it tends to lift off the turf a bit.

Drag Flicking & 3D Skills – 4.5/5
Exactly what this stick was designed for, crazy good for both drag flicks and 3D skills. The XB shape helps to generate a huge amount of power when drag flicking and helps aid with lifting the ball into the top corners. The thinner head profile combined with the late bow means getting under the ball for quick jinks and lifts is made a whole lot easier. This stick is designed for players who are looking to take these particular skills to the next level.

Overall – 4/5
A sleek, smart looking stick that packs a punch where it needs to. Designed for players that rely on 3D skills for player elimination as well as specialist drag flickers and players who like to play the ball in the air. The 95% carbon content gives this stick great power but takes away from the feel and control aspects. The Espada Primera XB would suit top level players looking to enhance particular parts of their game.